AKC Top 20 Dog Breeds for 2010:

Okay, we admit that putting up a list of the "top 20" dog breeds could be a pretty subjective task. I mean, what does it mean to say that a dog is a "top" dog? One person might think that the German Shepherd should certainly be on that list, and another person might think that a list that didn't include the Xoloitzcuintli wouldn't be worth the paper, uh, I mean screen space, it is written on. Both great dogs, to be sure, but a list like this has to be about more than just one person's idea of what a top dog is. So, with that in mind, we've decided to list the 20 most popular breeds according to the AKC registry for 2010.


Down the road we'll make other lists. Maybe we'll have a list of the top 20 funniest looking dogs, or maybe the top 10 most personable, or some other fun list that you can help us build. Until then, we think all dogs deserve a Top Dog award and are content to just share what the AKC has found with you here for now.










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