Dogs by Trait

There are probably dozens of different traits and characteristics that we could use to categorize the hundreds of different dog breeds. But we have chosen just a hand full of them to start with, traits that we think potential pet owners might consider important.

So what are looking for in a dog? Do you need a good watch dog? A dog that doesn't shed very much, or is hypoallergenic? A dog breed that's easy to train? Or perhaps a dog that gets along great with children? These are just a few of the characteristics that we use in these groupings. If you are looking for a certain trait in a dog, let us know and we will try to make some recommendations. Plus, check back regularly because we will be adding new groups periodically.

Please browse through the groups and see what characteristics might appeal to you in a dog. You might even find some things to consider that hadn't crossed your mind. Dogs are certainly a varied species, and have a huge variety of personalities, talents, and tendencies. There is a dog for everyone!


Smart Bichon Frise Dog
Little Smarty Pants!
You gotta love a Bichone Frise!


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My name is "Buddy" and I'm a yellow lab. My favorite thing to do is fetch a ball. I also like to bark at cars and go swimming in the lake whenever I can. It's great to be a dog!