AKC Sporting Group

The AKC Sporting Group are the modern hunters of the registered dog breeds. They are dogs that hunt as partners with their armed human counterpart. These dogs work in different ways, though all with the intent of extending the hunters ability, making the person more effective and increasing their chance of a successful hunt, which at one time was often a matter of life or death for feeding their family.

The different ways that Sporting dogs hung include: locating the prey, moving the prey towards the hunter, or fetching the prey once downed.

The dogs that locate game are made up of the pointing and setting breeds. These dogs freeze in mid stride and "point" to the game.

The dogs that move game towards the hunter are the spaniels. They range back and forth and flush the game out so that they hunter can shoot it.

The dogs that bring back downed game are the retrievers. They mark where the game falls and return with it, whether over land or through the water.

There are many breeds that combine these talents, they are called versatile hunters.

Generally speaking, sporting dogs are active and alert, they require regular, invigorating exercise to be happy and content dogs. These dogs are very likable and make great, well rounded companions. They love to be out in nature, and have natural instincts in the the woods and the water.

AKC Sporting Group


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