Dogs by Size

Correct me if I am wrong, but of all the species on this earth, there is greater diversity among dog breeds than any other animal. The smallest dogs weigh less than 5 pounds, and the largest dogs are upward to 200 pounds.

This is just one reason why anyone can find the perfect dog to suit their personality, family, or life style. Maybe you are the type of person who wants a toy sized dog, one to sit in your lap and keep you company on a quiet evening. Or perhaps you want a large dog to lay on your porch or ride in the back of your truck.

Luckily, dogs do not come in "one size fits all", we are all individuals, and somewhere out there, large or small, there is the perfect dog for you!

There is no standard in dog sizes that I know of, so I have used my own standard for placing the breeds in the appropriate size categories. The sizes of the dogs are based on weight only, though some breed's weight range spans two sizes, so on those I placed them in the size range that seemed most appropriate.

So choose what size of dogs most appeals to you, and take a look at the vast diversity of breeds that are out there.

Dog Breeds by Size

Steel Ball Toy - up to 12 pounds

Steel Ball Small - 12 to 25 pounds

Steel Ball Medium - 25 to 50 pounds

Steel Ball Large - 50 to 100 pounds

Steel Ball Extra Large - over 100 pounds


Great Dane Chihuahua



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