Miscellaneous Class Breeds


The dog breeds that are eligible to participate in the Miscellaneous Class are still enrolled in the AKC Foundation Stock Services (FSS), and continuous enrollment is maintained until the AKC Board of Directors fully accepts the breed into the AKC.

When a breed is allowed to compete in the Miscellaneous Class, it means that the dog breed's club has provided adequate proof for the AKC Board of Directors of widespread interest and activity in their breed. They also have at least three generations of pedigree recorded with the AKC.

In the Miscellaneous Class, these FSS breeds may compete and earn titles in Companion Events, Junior Showmanship, and select Performance Events. They can also compete at conformation shows, but only in the Miscellaneous Class, and they are not able to earn championship points.

Once a Miscellaneous Class FSS breed shows continued dynamic and healthy growth, they may become officially recognized by the AKC and admitted to full registration in the Stud Book, which also allows competition in regular classes, and the ability of individual dogs to begin earning championship points.

AKC Miscellaneous Class



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