Medium Dogs

There are a lot of dogs that qualify as medium sized dogs, and like other groups, the diversity among them is amazing. These dogs all fall in the size range of 25 to 50 pounds. Since this category only depends upon weight for categorizing, they come in a wide range of heights and shapes.

Medium sized dogs have a great variety of different characteristics. Some are hunting dogs who help their owners find and retrieve prey, others were originally used to hunt rodents to keep pest populations under control, and others are great herding dogs that are still essential to farmers, ranchers and shepherds. However, all of them can make a great pet and welcome addition to your family.

One great thing about this size dog is that they are big enough for the kids to rough house with, but small enough to fit well with a suburban family.

As with any dog, before choosing one for a pet, make sure you define what characteristics you want in dog that will suit your personality, family and living conditions. So, first evaluate yourself and family to determine what you want, and them search for a breed that matches your criteria. This will help you to find a breed that can become a successful part of your family.

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