Low Shedding Dogs

Just one unique trait of dogs in this world is the diversity of the different types of coats that they have. A dog's coat can reflect the history or original use of the dog, or from where they originated.

Regardless of why dogs have a certain type of coat, there are various ways to classify them, and just one of those ways is how much a dog sheds.

For some people, regardless of the reason, having a dog that is a light shedder is very important. Some people think a light shedding dog means a low maintenance dog, but that is not always true. Some dogs do not shed much, but still have special grooming requirements, so make sure you are aware of any special requirements of a dog breed before you commit to getting one.

If getting a low shedding dog is important to you, check out the dogs below, they are all known to be low shedding. But remember, low shedding is not the same as hypo-allergenic. If you have allergies and want a dog, then check out these hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Low Shedding Dogs


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