Large Dogs

There are more different large dogs than in any other size category, but of course, other than extra large, it covers the largest weight range, from 50 to 100 pounds.

There is something about owning a large dog! And it is not a responsibility that anyone should take lightly. Just being larger increases the importance of basic obedience training for these dogs, though all dogs are happier when trained. Dogs do best when they know what is expected of them and they can live up to that expectation. But, an uncontrollable large dog can be dangerous to others.

Large dogs also eat more, and they leave larger "Buddy Bombs" (that's what they are called in our house!) to be cleaned up. Plus, many veterinary procedures cost more when performed on a large dog because they are more difficult to handle, and they require larger doses of medicines or anesthesia for any surgeries.

Some large dogs are very exuberant and need a lot of exercise, others are mellow indoors but active outdoors. Some need a lot of grooming, and others are relatively low maintenance animals. Before choosing the best dog for you, decide what characteristics you want or need, and then browse through the breeds below to find the best large dog for you.

All Large Dog Breeds


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