Dogs That Are Good With Kids

Almost any dog breed can do well with kids, especially if they are raised with children from the beginning. Of course, proper training goes a long way as well. But there are certain breeds that are especially known for being great with children and families.

These dogs seem to have infinite patience with children. You've seen them. They let young kids climb on them and tug their ears and tails. They don't nip if things become a bit uncomfortable, they remain playful and gentle through all the rough housing.

It is important to remember that even though these breeds are known to be good with kids, there are always exceptions. To help ensure that you choose the best dog for your family, you should also check with the breeder about the linage of their dogs. If the line has a good reputation with children, then the pups are also likely to do well with kids.

All of these dog breeds have a good reputation. I am particularly fond of a couple of them: the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. I know from first hand experience that both of these breeds make outstanding family dogs. But take a look through the following dogs to find the best child friendly dog breed for your family. A little research and care now will pay off handsomely in terms of the satisfaction you have with the dog you ultimately end up with.

Child Friendly Dog Breeds

Not Well Suited for Kids

There are also some breeds that are not generally recommended for kids (especially young children). They tend to be more aggressive or less patient, or have had too much breeding that makes them unsuitable for kids, for one reason or another. But remember that these are generalities, each dog is an individual with his own unique personality. It is possible to have one of these dogs with children and have it be great. As mentioned above, the lineage of any dog can make a huge difference since personality traits can run through breeding lines. So if you are set on having one of these dogs, check out the potential puppy's parentage to increase your chance of getting a good family pet. Also, raising the dog from a puppy with the kids can help.


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