Hound Group

The hounds are one of the oldest dog groups. These are the dogs that have been used through the ages to aid humans in the hunt by pursuing and catching their quarry. This is usually done by one of two methods: sight or smell, though some hounds use both.

The sighthounds obviously hunt by sight, and once they spot their prey, they show great stamina as they run them down. These are the fast running dogs with the sleek build, like the greyhound.

The more solid built hounds (like the foxhound) are generally scent hounds. Once these dogs catch the scent of their prey, they pursue it relentlessly. Besides hunting, these dogs have been used in police work to track criminals and missing persons. Some of these hounds have a very distinct baying, which any of us can appreciate and enjoy on occasion, but make sure it is something you can live with before getting one as a pet.

Though there is a large variety of personalities within the hound group, their primary commonality is the independent pursuit of their quarry, which means that they don't wait for direction, they lead the way!

AKC Hound Group


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