AKC Herding Dogs

As the name implies, herding dogs have the innate desire and ability to control the movement of other animals. This is most often sheep or cattle, but don't be surprised if you see a herding dog trying to herd the children of his family!

Herding dogs work in a couple of different ways. Some use stalking and staring, others bark, and some nip at the heels of the animals they are herding. Some herding dogs gather their flocks, while others will drive their herd.

But all dogs in the Herding Group are hard working animals that use both their owner's commands as well as their own judgment. These dogs are intelligent and devoted partners, that respond well to training exercises.

The Herding Group is the newest AKC classification, being formed in 1983, having previously belonged to the Working Group.

AKC Herding Group


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My name is "Buddy" and I'm a yellow lab. My favorite thing to do is fetch a ball. I also like to bark at cars and go swimming in the lake whenever I can. It's great to be a dog!