Foundation Stock Services (FSS )

One key service that the AKC supplies is a central source for keeping stud books for pure bred breeds. However, they also recognize that there are many other pure bred dogs around the world. By being recognized by the AKC, a breed receives stability and recognition. But first there are standards that a breed has to meet to become AKC recognized.

A breed has to provide "clear and categorical proof that there is regular and widespread interest and activity in the breed. This includes an active parent club, with serious and expanding breeding activity over a wide geographic area.

So as a breed is beginning to get established in the US, they can apply to belong to the AKC Foundation Stock Services (FSS). This service of the AKC allows a breed to maintain their stud books with the AKC while they strive to meet the guidelines to become AKC recognized.

Beginning in February 2007, FSS breeds could begin competing in Companion Events once they meet these three basic criteria:

    1. Have dogs with three generations of pedigree recorded in the FSS.

    2. Have a national breed club.

    3. Have a written breed standard.

The next step is for a club to provide adequate proof for the AKC Board of Directors of such interest and activity in their breed as mentioned above, then the breed is moved into the AKC Miscellaneous Class, the last step before full AKC recognition.

Foundation Stock Services Dogs

Miscellaneous Class Breeds

** May compete in Companion Events


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