Extra Large Dogs

When I was studying Animal Science in college, one of my professors (who was a Veterinarian) said that if you entered a home with a bunch of small dogs, you would know they are there because they were all over the place. But if you went into a home with large dogs, you wouldn't even know they were there except for having to step over them!

Through the years I have gained a greater appreciation of most dog breeds, but it is the giant breeds that always catch my attention. An Irish Wolfhound is the dog for me! I have wanted one for over 20 years, and someday I will have one. But you never get a giant dog on a whim. They are dogs that you have to prepare for in advance, to make sure you are ready to take on the extra responsibility of such a large, strong animal.

Though most large dogs are calm indoors, they still need a lot of space to run and be exercised. Your food bill will be a lot higher than for most dogs. They are strong and MUST be obedience trained - make sure you are prepared to do this because handling a 100+ pound animal in public, that doesn't obey, is not fun and can be dangerous to others. Also, most giant dog breeds have a life span that is quite a bit shorter than other breeds. With a couple of years of puppyhood, and a couple of years of old age, you may only be able to enjoy your extra large breed while he is in his prime for 3-5 years.

But if you are prepared for such a responsibility, you will have no regrets, the love and companionship that they provide is beyond compare! What qualifies as a giant breed is rather subjective, but the standard I have used are dogs that weigh in at over 100 pounds (a few are border line, but so tall it is hard to categorize them elsewhere). So, here they are, peruse and enjoy!

All Extra Large (Giant!) Dog Breeds


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