Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Puppy

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

(aka: Basset Griffon Vendéen)

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen


Male: 15 - 17 inches; 40 - 45 lbs.
Female: 15 - 17 inches; 40 - 45 lbs.


Black with tan markings, fawn with white markings, fawn with black markings, or tricolor--all of these being with white markings.

Living Area

Adapts to city life if raised in an urban environment from an early age, but do best with an active owner in a rural or suburban environment. This breed needs room to exercise and explore, but should be kept within a fenced area or on a leash, as they will follow a scent without a thought of their master.



Energy Level

Moderate to High

Life Span

About 12 years

Description | Temperament | Grooming | History | Training | Health Problems

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Description

Taller than most Bassets, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen has a short head and low-set long ears, a dense, bushy double coat, in solid or mixed colors. They have drop ears that are medium in length, and they have a short muzzle. Their bones are light compared to other breeds, and the body is long and stocky. The tail is like a saber in shape, and their faces hold a heavy mustache and eyebrows.

There are four closely related breeds of this kind: the Grand Basset, Petit Basset, Grand, and Briquet, all with the ending name of Griffon Vendéen. The difference between the Grand Basset and the other Griffon Vendéens is his size. He is one of the Bassets, with a longer, shorter body, but is larger than the Petit Basset.

They are a hardy, well constructed hunting dog who is also known to be very independent and unruly and very hot to pursue and kill prey. Grand Basset Griffon Vendéens are capable of rousing all kinds of game over a variety of terrain such as sandy, hilly or even flooded. They are active, intense creatures that do not necessarily recognize humans as owners from birth. They tend to have a one track mind when it comes to following a scent, and are very apt to following their instincts in this way.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéens are vocal in personality and prone to much tail-wagging. Their puppy-like looks are kept into their adult years, making them attractive for potential owners.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Temperament

The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen is happy, outgoing and independent little dog who is willing to please. Though generally well behaved, they can be stubborn, so they need an owner who takes command and assume the role as the leader of the pack.

These medium sized dogs are alert, active, decisive, intense and enthusiastic. Sure to warm any heart, this breed is courageous and good natured, though a few have been known to be a little snappy. They make reasonably good watchdogs, and are generally good with children. They do tend to dig.

The GBGV is a passionate hunter who is fast and has a strong voice. They are courageous and love to get into the bramble and scrub.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Grooming

Care for this breed is minimal. The coat never needs to be trimmed, even for exhibition. Grooming with a brush and comb is needed to prevent matting.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen History

The Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen is derived, like all bassets, from hounds of superior size, in this case the Grand Griffon.  The first selections were made at the end of the 19th century by the Comte d’Elva who was looking for subjects with straight legs.  But it was Paul Dezamy who was especially responsible for fixing the type.  He  understood that in order to catch a hare, dogs of a certain size were needed.  He fixed that size at about 43 cm. 

Today the GBGV is used primarily when hunting with a gun, it is capable of hunting all furry game, from the rabbit to wild boar.  A team of Grand Bassets won the 5th edition of the European Cup for hare.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Training

Grand Bassets can be difficult to handle during training, because they are instinctively independent and single minded. This can make them difficult to train for the first time dog trainer.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Health Problems

There are no conclusive studies, but among 289 live Basset Griffon Vendéens of all size varieties, the most common health issues noted by owners were reproductive, dermatologic (dermatitis and mites), and aural (otitis externa, excessive ear wax, and ear mites).

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